Dr.Raju’s – GRE WORD WIZARD : Learn 2000 GRE Words with Memory Tricks in just 30 Days !!!

Learn 2000 GRE Words in Just 30 Days with joy and fun!!!

Word Wizard : GRE Vocabulary with Memory Tricks!

It’s an undeniable fact, that English plays an important role in anybody’s growth and success in life.

And Vocabulary gives a good command on English language, and helps one to become more confident and becoming successful in these days of globalization.

Success in GRE Verbal, in turn helps in getting in admission in USA Universities, helps in getting Teaching Assistant-ships, contribute a lot to one’s Academic success and growth, helps in getting good career and gives success both at personal and Professional levels.

Starting Point for this success story is getting grip on English Vocabulary.

But many student’s feel learning vocabulary is boring, cumbersome and unable to memorize as we are not Native English Speaking people.

Keeping in mind this Dr. Prasad Raju.V.V.N.R. Pathapati (AKA Dr.Raju), developed the Book
“WORD WIZARD” which uses “Memory Trick” methodology to learn English Vocabulary easily and interestingly.

With WORD WIZARD, One can learn vocabulary with ease , passion, interest, fun and  joy.


by Dr.Prasad Raju V.V.N.R. Pathapati

a.k.a  Dr.Raju

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Features :

Over 2000 Words With Mnemonic triggers
Learning Memory Tricks
Example Sentences
Pronunciation Clues
Exercises for Quick Retention
Word Groups
A Vocabulary Book for all Types of Competitive Exams
Word Power Made Extraordinary Easy !!

Permanent Quick-fix solution book for Vocabulary Blues..

…..Worried ?…bothered ?…disturbed ?…frightened ?…perturbed ?…tormented ?…upset ?..and   …apprehensive ?…
…..yet need to learn GRE Vocabulary ?

Here is “Permanent Quick-fix” solution book – “Word Wizard” from Dr. Raju’s

Learn 2000 GRE Words in Just One Month from Dr.Raju’s book Word Wizard – GRE Vocabulary with “Memory Tricks”

Remember, learning vocabulary does not have to be complicated or boring, as it used to be till now.

Welcome to the Dr.Raju’s world of Memory tricks that introduce proven techniques into vocabulary learning experience. This methodology is based on over 10 years of practical research on vocabulary acquisition, retention and usage.

In this book, approximately 2000 words with Vocabulary Memory tricks are designed for anyone wishing to build a stronger vocabulary for their academic and professional growth.

This book is particularly recommended for students studying for GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, IELTS, PSAT, SAT, ACT, CAT (IIM-INDIA), Bank PO’s and UPSC Civil Services Exams.

Remember that approximately 90 % of university courses require reading comprehension. And to be a good reader you must have an extensive vocabulary.

When it comes to doing well on the GRE, one simple fact stands out: you must have good vocabulary.

Unfortunately, however, many students don’t have a good knowledge of the advanced words that appear on the GRE. Many students just try to mug up the words for GRE Verbal Section, but in return ends up getting mugged with low Verbal scores.

If you are one of these students, you’ve found the right book. “Dr.Raju’s Memory Trick Based Vocabulary,” will teach you the words you need to know, quickly and efficiently. And it will really teach you the words not just acquaint you with them, which is what most vocabulary books do. This is because it uses a totally new method-Memory Tricks-that is guaranteed to fix each word and it’s meaning permanently in your memory.

After you’ve learned the words in the book, you won’t forget them. You’ll have a solid base of advanced, University level vocabulary that you will be able to rely on to get score on the GRE.

Remember It’s a single-time, life-long investment for your all-round growth.