Admissions & Applications I

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Lets understand the process of US Universities Admissions and Applications in simple yet serious fashion. Have loads of patience to go through all the points.

1. First decide for which US universities intake you want to apply for Grad Programs – Fall or Spring.

2. Your immediate requirement is Passport, which is mandatory for further process. Apply for Passport if not in hand by that time.

3. In the meantime try to obtain Recommendation Letters in Sealed Envelopes duly signed and stamped from three or more faculty members who are teaching you or taught in your highest degree. You may need 1 set of each recommendation letter to each university. always try to get 5 more sets extra to be on safe side.

4. Apply for Official Transcripts of all your academic records from your University with stamp and seal again in sealed envelopes. You may require two sets of Official transcripts for one university. hence if you are applying for 5 universities, you need to take 15 sets of each transcript. So that you can use 10 Transcripts to send to universities and another 5 sets you can keep for any future use, as it is very difficult to get more as and when you require them again.

5. Once you got passport, think of taking Standardized Tests like GRE and TOEFL.

6. Join Dr.Raju’s Academy for both GRE and TOEFL expert Coaching and follow our regular sessions and practice tests which helps you to achieve good scores.

7. Download Test Bulletins – Source of authentic information and also Prep-test software’s – which contains practice tests and simulates actual exams, from GRE, TOEFL and  IELTS Websites. Understand the methodology, structure, and time management tips etc for these tests. If you are unable to score well in first time, be prepared to take the test again. Good scores are positive for admission and visa.

8. Get one New mail id for US admissions and applications and visa sake. Keep this as exclusive for USA Process only. Write down the password.

9. Schedule the test dates by registering online both for GRE and TOEFL / IELTS with new mail id. Give sufficient time for practice.

10. Take Practice tests as many as possible for both TOEFL and GRE, which will give you a good idea of where to improve and concentrate more. Make yourself strong in your weak areas to do better and more strong in your strong areas, to do best. Practice is the key of success in Standardized Tests.

11. Take TOEFL or IELTS. We suggest you to take TOEFL instead of IELTS. As you are planning to opt for US Higher education, it’s better to opt for US Test only instead of IELTS of UK and Australia.

12. Take GRE and try to score good. Your minimum target should be 300 which is just O.K., but not great, when you compare the intense competition you will be having from International students of China and South Korea etc in US Universities. Hence Better scores, Better Schools, Better chances of admission and Better chances of getting visa.

13. Join Dr.Raju’s Consultancy for short listing universities basing on your profile and areas of interest. We have 100% success track record in getting admissions from more than one university from our shortlisted universities.

14. If you are doing universities selection on your own, check websites of these universities, whether you are meeting all the International Students Requirements mentioned in their website and in the department page for any special requirements and try to find out the deadlines to apply.

15. Write University Specific and Personalized Statement of Purpose’s for all universities as per the courses and specialization available, research happening, research interests of faculty members and funding options etc.

16. Prepare your Academic Resume which reflects your education and yourself in more detailed fashion.

17. Find out the Institution and Department codes of Universities, in order to forward Official Score Reports of GRE and TOEFL.

18. Forward your Official Test Score Reports to those universities by telephone or through fax need to pay Scores forwarding fee online or mention the Credit card Number and other details in the official form if you are opting for Fax mode.

19. If any of the schools you are applying requires Education Evaluation of your academics profile in equivalent American GPA System, need to apply for evaluation from bodies like WES, then pay the required fees and forwards your transcripts to them for evaluation purpose.

20. Pay the Online Application Fees to universities. if there is no option for that then get US$ Drafts for the application amounts.

21. Get Two Latest color Photos for each university. Remember Latest Only.

22. Download all the application forms from websites of selected universities. Read all instructions and fill accordingly. Check and recheck the details for any typos.

23. Get a Bank balance Certificate as an evidence of funds available from the Sponsors Bank for 15 to 20 Lakhs on Bank’s letterhead duly signed and stamped or in any other university specific form as mentioned in college websites.

24. Prepare an Affidavit of Support by sponsor of your education on a Rs.10 Stamp paper duly signed and notarized or as per the university specific instructions.

25. Gather all you Extra Curricular Activities certificates, both academic, sports and otherwise which you feel may help in getting admission, and make high quality color Xerox copies of the same to send to universities along with applications.

26. Find out how many sets each university wants you to send, as certain colleges need two sets, you need to send the forms to both admission office and to the specific department also. Prepare a list for this.

27. Prepare university-wise checklist of what documents you need to send to specific university, so that you won’t be missing anything.

28. Prepare one Covering Letter quoting all the list of items mentioned in the checklists which you made earlier.

29. Prepare High Quality Color Xerox copies of Passport first two and last two pages, GRE and TOEFL / IELTS Score Reports, Evaluation Statements of WES etc One set per each university.

30. Make list of all addresses  to where you need to send the application packets. Check and recheck for any typos.

31. Prepare big font Address Labels printouts of destination and from addresses,  to stick on the Application Packet Covers.

32. Get Big Paper-Cloth Covers to put all the Application based supplementary material.

33. Paste all the addresses on those big paper-cloth covers and put the material as per the checklists prepared. Check and recheck.

34. Make sure that you are not putting documents belong to one college in another college cover.

35. Keep a complete set of documents with you especially bank statement etc for any future reference.

36. Send all the application packets through a reliable International Courier.

That’s the whole process of US Admissions & Applications.

For some more details on these visit next link Admissions & Applications II.


A Typical Application Packet consists of the following list of documents

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Application Packet of Supplemental Material


An Application Packet should contain the following material (all of them or some of them depending upon University Requirements).

Covering Letter mentioning list of all the documents being sent in that Packet.

Make sure that all items in the Packet are mentioned in the covering letter and are numbered and arranged in the same sequence as mentioned in the Covering Letter. Arrange the documents in the below mentioned order

1.   Covering Letter.
2.   Two “Latest” Passport Size Photos.
3.   Passport First Two and Last Two Pages good quality color Xerox.
4.   University Application Fee in US$ Drafts or if paid online put a copy of Print Confirmation.
5.   Printout of Online Application or Duly filled Paper Application.
6.   Resume.
7.   SOP – Statement Of Purpose.
8.   AOS – Affidavit Of Support given by Sponsor(s)
9.   Bank Statements as proof of funds available or University specified financial form duly filled and signed.
10. Score Report Copies of GRE/GMAT  and TOEFL/IELTS.
11. RECOS – Recommendation letters in Sealed envelopes from at least 3 Faculty Members (or in US University prescribed formats.)
12. All Transcripts of your Bachelors and PG Degree (if done) including Original Degrees,
PC – Provisional Certificate and All Marks Memo’s.
13. Attested copy of your Intermediate or Plus 2 Marks Memo.
14. Attested copy of Your 10th class Marks Memo.
15. Copies of Academic Presentations and Paper Publishing’s and proofs of involvement in Research projects, Conferences and Workshops.
16. Copies or proofs of extracurricular activities, hobbies etc which may help in admission.
17. Work Experience Proofs (if working)

If you want to add any things to this please post it in our forums.