Admissions & Applications II

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Some More Details of US Universities Admissions & Applications.


There are Two Major and One Minor Intakes of Admissions to US Universities. You will be applying to any one of them.
Fall intake starts in Aug-Sept which is a Major intake and in-sync and in continuation with Indian Education System.
Spring Intake which starts in Jan-Feb is next major one after Fall.
Summer Intake starts in Apr-May is a very minor one as not many people will opt for it.

Following are major issues one need to understand regarding US Universities Admission Process.

Getting into good US University involves many steps. Some of them start months before you send your application.


16 years of Formal Education


16 years (10 + 2 + 4 Years) of formal education with good percentage is required. Not having backlogs is a positive thing as backlogs affects the admission chances to you dream school. if one is having backlogs, less is better and more number of backlogs may mar the chances of admission and students are forced to apply for less reputed schools which may affect visa outcome also. One good option of taking a chance with both admission and visa is to score as high as possible, even taken tests already in both GRE and TOEFL retake to prove yourself in admission and at the visa interview.

Students can start applying to USA Universities while studying their 16th year of education around December and January months.


Here Backlogs means – the number of ” F ” – meaning Failure’s, appearing in your Semester-wise or Individual year-wise marks lists of qualifying degree. but not the number of specific subject or papers for which a student got more than one failure.

Though student might have cleared all the failed papers in further appearance(s), but still all ” F “s appearing in your Papers will be counted both for US admissions and in student visa issuance.

Standardized Tests

Almost all major Universities in USA requires Scores of Two Standardized Tests i.e.,
GRE or GMAT to assess an International Student’s Verbal, Quantitative and Analytical Skills and
TOEFL or IELTS to assess English Language Proficiency, required to study in an American University for Non-Native English Speaking students from India and other Asian Countries. Remember less scores are becoming one of the reasons of visa denials in recent past and the trend is still continuing.

Score Requirements:

Check the college requirements thoroughly regarding scores. Many universities mention the scores requirements in general, but certain departments require specific scores in specific sections or differ with the scores mentioned in Grad school pages. Meeting the requirements is always better.

Short Listing Universities

Once done with scores, you need to identify the colleges you want to apply where there’s a decent chance of getting admission and at the same time these colleges should be the best one’s suiting to your profile, and offers expertise in your field of interest as specialization and provide good chances of funding or campus jobs. You can take our consultancy department’s help in short listing best universities according to your profile. Meet our counselors today.

Application Deadlines

Application Deadlines is the latest date by which your application packet containing all the specific university required documents (discussed separately below) should be reach the designated University Admissions Department (Graduate School or International Admissions Office etc.) either through International Courier or online depending on college application process.

Application Deadlines should be met without doubt, as a late application can hurt your chances of being admitted and In a worst-case scenario, the school won’t even look at your application. Every university and college has its own application deadlines, but they fall around the same time. Some may continue to accept applications even later. You need to confirm this from college website.

Majority of schools ask to submit Application supplemental material along with your application. Sometimes you can send it a couple of days after the application proper. It’s best to check with each school to see what the requirements are.

It’s better to send the Application Packet with Supplemental Material through Priority International Courier within a day or two after submitting On-Line Application, at least 7 working days prior to the actual Application Deadline Date. Sometimes you can attach scan copies to your online application, if that option is available.

Another important factor in deadlines is Indians should always check for International students deadlines and also Department deadlines if any. As every college will be having separate deadlines for Native Americans and International students. In the same way certain departments will have other deadlines than the mentioned ones in college website. It’s better to make sure whether you are following all the mentioned deadlines or not.

Application Fees

Each and every University in USA collects Application Fees (Ranging from 50 to 150 US$) for processing an International students Application for admission. Each college follows different fee structure. Some universities ask for Fee payment through Credit Card Online and others may ask for US$ Drafts.

Test Scores Forwarding

Students need to forward the official Scores from ETS (Test Makers of GRE & TOEFL) & IELTS to universities where they are applying. It’s mandatory that Official Test Scores should be forwarded by ETS and IELTS only. Universities won’t accept scores copies sent by students along with Application Packets. Forwarding Fees details are as follows for One University .

If you are sending GRE Score reports to 10 Universities, then cost would be 10 Univs x US$ 25 = US$ 250. Fee for Forwarding Scores is as follows

GRE Official Score Report :           US$ 25
TOEFL Official Score Report :       US$ 18
IELTS Test Result Form :               INR  1500

(always check for the latest Applicable Fee)

Important factor is it may take 2 to 3 weeks for the universities to receive the scores, and universities won’t make any decision until they get score reports officially.

WES – Education Evaluation services in GPA & WES  Charges

World Education Services (WES) is a nonprofit organization that provides credential evaluations for international students planning to continue their studies in the U.S. and Canada. Only some universities will ask for WES Evaluation.
As Indian students have Percentage system as measure of performance and US follows GPA – Grade Point Average System, WES  will evaluate transcripts of India students and calculate equivalent GPA and send the reports to US Universities to which you want to apply.
Students need to pay the respective fee directly to WES through credit card online. Following is the fee charged by WES.
Wes Evaluation Fee for One University: US$ 160
Additional Report for Each school US$ 37 which includes Postage of US$ 7
For further details Refer

Application Filling

This may be an online form or Downloadable Paper based Application. Follow the online instructuions or instructions page comes along with downloadable version. It’s better to download the form and try to understand each and every column to be filled before filling actual application, so that it will be error-free. Save copies of online form or keep copies of papare based application for any future reference. Typical application column details will be available in this website.


A Transcript is an official copy of a student’s Original Academic Record. You would use an Official Transcript if you need to provide evidence of your University academic record to US educational institution, for applying for an admission.

US Universities require Transcripts of All Marks lists, Course Completion Certificates which should be obtained from the official issuing authorities of particular University in Sealed envelopes duly signed, stamped by the Registrar or Controller of Examinations.

Transcripts are required for Bachelors Degree and Above like Original Degree Certificates (OD or Convocation Degree Certificate) or PC – Provisional Certificate, Marks Memo’s Individual, Year-wise or Semester-wise.

Marks memos and certificates of 10 and 10+2 should be attested only (no need to submit in envelopes).

Statement of Purpose (SOP)

A Statement of Purpose or SOP is your personal statement, about why you want to pursue Grad Program in that particular university, as it really takes focused determination to pursue a Graduate Program in US. Apart from your academics and scores, it’s your statement of purpose, which the admission committee’s examine meticulously, to understand you and your goals of higher education in relation with their university, why you want to study, do you have enough exposure or experience to pursue your interested program or areas of specialization within the program and what are your plans after completion of program.

Make sure that your SOP is University specific, but not generic.

Recommendation Letters (RECOS)

A Recommendation letter  is a reference that offers information about students character, academic history and accomplishments, skill set and future interests observed by the author of letter usually academic faculty members who taught student at Bachelors and higher levels.

For each university a minimum of 3 or more letters of recommendation should be submitted, written by different faculty members on their official letterheads duly signed and stamped in sealed envelopes. Obtain good recommendation letters from distinguished faculty members. Check various models of RECOS in this website.

At times certain universities will ask for submission of Online Recommendation Letters or ask the Faculty members to submit the RECOS in specific formats only. Check the university website before you apply.


Your resume accompanies your Grad School Application and offers more information about your candidacy as a prospective student for a better evaluation. This resume differs from usual Job resume’s and offer more insights into your academic profile and should contain crisp language, clean layout and with no mistakes or typos and grammatical errors.

Financial Evidence or Bank Statement and Bank Funds Proof

Students need to provide a Mandatory Bank Balance Certificate for around 15.00 to 20.00 Lakhs (amount mentioned both in Indian Rupees and Equivalent US Dollars)  for each college on bank Letterhead, duly signed With seal and mentioning sponsor name along with students name and students relationship to sponsor.

Some universities ask for a separate funds proof form which can be downloaded from the university websites and get it duly filled and signed by the sponsor.
Some universities will ask for Financial documents twice at the time of applying and also at the time of issuing admission. Always keep an extra copy of Bank statement with you as a reference.

Affidavit of Support

An affidavit of support should be given by the sponsor (usually parent and Bank Account Holder) duly signed and notarized on a Rs.10 or above Stamp Paper stating the support given by the sponsor. Check the examples of AOS in this site in a separate link.

Misc Documents:

Miscellaneous Documents are related to both academic activities like participation in academic conferences, symposia, publishing articles, academic papers and Extra-curricular activities like sports, hobbies etc which you feel may help admission decision in your favor.

Application Packet of Supplemental Material

An Application Packet should contain the following material (all of them or some of them depending upon University Requirements).

Covering Letter mentioning list of all the documents being sent in that Packet.

Make sure that all items in the Packet are mentioned in the covering letter and are numbered and arranged in the same sequence as mentioned in the Covering Letter. Arrange the documents in the below mentioned order

1.   Covering Letter.
2.   Two “Latest” Passport Size Photos.
3.   Passport First Two and Last Two Pages good quality color Xerox.
4.   University Application Fee in US$ Drafts or if paid online put a copy of Print Confirmation.
5.   Printout of Online Application or Duly filled Paper Application.
6.   Resume.
7.   SOP – Statement Of Purpose.
8.   AOS – Affidavit Of Support given by Sponsor(s)
9.   Bank Statements as proof of funds available or University specified financial form duly filled and signed.
10. Score Report Copies of GRE/GMAT  and TOEFL/IELTS.
11. RECOS – Recommendation letters in Sealed envelopes from at least 3 Faculty Members (or University Specific RECOS in prescribed formats.)
12. All Transcripts of your Degree (Bachelors) and Post Graduate Degree (if done) including Original Degrees, PC – Provisional Certificate and All Marks memo’s.
13. Attested copy of your Intermediate or Plus 2 Marks Memo.
14. Attested copy of Your 10th class Marks Memo.
15. Copies of your other Academic Presentations and Paper Publishing’s and proofs of involvement in Research projects, Conferences and Workshops.
16. Copies or proofs of extracurricular activities, hobbies etc which may help in admission.
17. Work Experience Proofs (if working)

International Couriers & Tracking

Send your Application Packet with Reputed International couriers, so that you can track your application status and know when its delivered in university.

Contacting Univs

Once application packet’s delivery is confirmed, start contacting university admission office, to make sure everything is intact in your application packet or not. After 1-2 weeks keep on contacting admission office regularly.

Some Expenses involved in the whole process

GRE Test Fee      US$ 185.
GMAT                   US$ 250.
TOEFL IBT           US$ 165.
IELTS                   INR 8900.

GRE Additional Score Report per Recipient        US$ 25.
GMAT Additional Score Report per Recipient      US$ 28.
TOEFL Additional Score Report per Recipient    US$ 18.
IELTS Additional Score Report per Recipient      INR 1500.

University Application Fees – per university         US$ 50 to 150.

WES Evaluation Services Fee for One University         US$ 160
WES Evaluation Additional Report for Each school      US$ 37

International Courier Fee for Each Application Packet – DHL-Bluedart tie-up charges INR 900 to 1200 depending on weight and Number of applications for University Admission Packets.
Different couriers may be charging different prices.