F Visa, M and J Visa Issuance Statistics

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Let’s examine how India is faring when compared to other countries in F1 Visas -the prime visa on which many Indians go to USA for their higher education.

Actually we are lagging behind China and Taiwan in these student visas category.

This is to show you, how important it’s for Indian students to be more strong on Academics, Scores Front, Interpersonal Communication Skills, Writing Skills.

We request Indian students to work hard, prove their non-immigrant intentions, have a decent and better profiles with good academics and best GRE® / GMAT®, TOEFL® / IELTS™ scores to get your visa as you are going to face very stiff competition from International students all over the world.

You need to be very strong on all fronts to get qualified for visa. The following Graph and Table gives F1 Visas issued in India vis a vis all over the world from 2007 to 2012

F1 Visas Issuance  India vs World 

Lets Check All categories of Student Visas F, M and J issued in India Over the years

Now Let’s examine in another table the Approvals, Rejections and Approvals after rejection, so you know what’s the percentage of success and which reminds you, how hard you need to study and prove yourself in order to get F1 Visa.

We do sincerely hope that these statistics will become a  motivating factor for you towards Better Academics, Scores and in improving your overall profile.
















Compiled from   travel.state.gov – Provided for Information purpose only.

More statistical Interpretation to follow  soon….