GRE® – Key To Success

From Dr. Prasad Raju:

In general I would always like to quote the proverb


However, you need not worry. If you have low academics and low GRE® scores, USA education is still within your reach. The quality of education is so good even in low ranked Universities, everybody gets enlightened at the end of his/her study. If the economic downturn is not prevalent after a year, the opportunities exist for all willy-nilly.

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Dr.Raju’s is your KEY to SUCCESS in GRE®

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  1. Join Dr.Raju’s Expert GRE® Coaching for Best Scores. (Call us to know about our Next Batch)
  2. Know what GRE® is and isn’t. Know Completely about the Test.
  3. Treat GRE® like any other skill, initially less familiar, but a skill that can be sharpened over the time.
  4. Practice everyday. Prepare as though you are going to retain the knowledge for life-time but not for instant gratification.
  5. Take this preparation as one opportunity to become strong forever in Verbal and Quantitative skills.
  6. Do your home work and try to know how the GRE® works and which elements to pay close attention to will help make your preparation much more targeted, effective and efficient which in turn put your mind at ease on test day.
  7. Build a road map and form a timeline, Build in a buffer for preparation time and for the number of tests you wish to complete.
  8. Build up your endurance. Keep in mind that the typical completion time for the GRE® is three-and-a-half hours. As you gear up to take the exam, you will need to build up your test-taking stamina, as well as your ability to stare into a computer screen for an extended period of time.
  9. Get yourself more interested and stay motivated to do better.
  10. Take practice tests offered by ETS®

Download the ETS® GRE® Powerprep® II Software from ETS® – GRE® website and test your probable scoring in actual test. You can understand the strengths and short falls of your preparation and prepare accordingly for actual test. Take the tests to full length of time in one-sitting,  3 to 4 times, so that you will get completely comfortable with actual test scenario on a computer. Not knowing the conditions and actual test experience, many students were not able to put their best when faced the test first time. You can practice these tests at our center also. Contact Our Counselors for further details.