GRE® – Why So Important ?

In Dr.Prasad Raju’s words

GRE® is the most comprehensive test of a candidate’s abstract and thinking skills. Because of this GRE® scores have great significance in admissions to US Universities and has a great impact on how a candidate is viewed and selected to pursue his Master’s and Doctoral studies in USA.

GRE®, being a general test taken by students all over the world to get admissions into US Universities, it gives an honest view of candidate’s competency, IQ, level of motivation and ability to consistently perform well, to study further irrespective of varied educational backgrounds from different countries and areas of study.

Since the grading system differs in different countries, the GRE® score can sometimes be the one or only deciding factor for colleges to make their choice.

A good GRE score is important as it can make or break a student’s opportunity
of getting admission into an institution of his own choice

Wherever and whenever funding or financial assistance is available in USA schools, GRE® scores helps the departments to decide which category the student falls and what kind of scholarship or assistance can be availed by him / her. Good GRE® score may help in waiving college expenses like tuition fees and granting Teaching Assistant-ship (TA), Graduate Assistant-ship (GA), Research Assistant-ship (RA) and Fellowships etc.

Every college and university has its own definition of what good GRE® score is, and importance of a GRE® score in relation to Admissions in that particular university. Some colleges might want good GRE® score in all the sections whereas, some colleges may want a higher GRE in only one section like Quant’s and accept moderate scores in Verbal sections. There are also some colleges that do not consider GRE® scores at all, but not taking GRE® may hinder student’s Visa Chances.

Our sincere advice to students is, you should aim at achieving a good GRE® score, as it will help you to fulfill your aim of getting admission into a good Masters Program. PhD Programs, Technical departments like Engineering will demand a very good GRE® score. The weight given to a good GRE® score varies tremendously from school to school.

I just want to sum up with my favorite Quote – “Better Scores – Better Schools“.

Good Luck and All The Best !

Be motivated, be knowledgeable, be a better person and make this world better for the rest of us.

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