US Visa Interview Videos

Many students eagerly want to know what is a visa interview and it’s procedure. So before going to know the complete procedures and requirements of student visas, it’s better to see a Model Visa Interview and Many of these video’s were from USA Consulate Websites from many parts of the world and some in non-English too.

First video is from US Consulate New Delhi for the awareness purpose. The video is presented in 3 languages, but Video Quality is not good.

These videos are provided because they are directly from ‘them’ – the visa givers.

Hope these video’s here give you increasing knowledge and confidence levels to students.

One thing – Certain Procedures shown here may be outdated or not followed in India, but the spirit of Interview remains same everywhere.

1. At New Delhi Consulate (In three different languages)

2. International Students talking about their experiences

3. Funny Video on F1 Visa  on the lines of Movie – Mission Impossible to Mission Possible
and the role of Student as the Original Movie Hero Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise)

4. Attending a Non-Immigrant Visa in USA Embassy London

5. Guidelines for F1 Visa from Learn English NYC

6. One more from USA Embassy Kingston.

7. USA Embassy, Cambodia – In Cambodian Language.

We have provided all these videos, just to familiarize students on Visa Interviews Process and to make them feel at ease with their visa interview proceedings.