GRE® – Why Dr.Raju’s ?

We have developed most efficient and effective preparation for GRE® tests. We make GRE® tests very easy by focusing on various strategies and time-management skills, required to take these tests. We offer exactly what it takes to excel in these tests along with unparalleled free coaching material and workbooks.

We are first in the world to implement Visual GRE®, and unique memory trick based vocabulary teaching with aid of visuals, and first one to use more than 2500 cartoons in teaching, very soon available in Book Form.

Unparalleled coaching in Quants by using Logical Tactics to incite rational thinking.

Alternate day Verbal and Quant sessions for balanced approach.

Special AWA / Critical Reasoning sessions at the end.

Special Quant coaching for students with no Math background.

State-of-the-art Facilities with AC Class Rooms.Access to Computer Facilities, study abroad library, and access to highly invaluable course material from topmost publishers in the world.

Unparalleled Free GRE® coaching material. We are sure nobody else will be providing such an exhaustive and in-house developed study material to students. Beware of copy-cats who use our material as their own, don’t let some lame cats fool you with their meows. Recognize the roar.

To attain good score in GRE®, join our excellent GRE® coaching program.

Meet our counselors to know more details about our GRE® Batches.

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